Review: Hideaway for the Heart/ハートの隠れ家/ Heart no Kakurega

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Drama

Length of Series: 4 Books

Status: Complete

For those that don’t know me, I don’t laugh out loud very often when I read or watch anything. In fact – I rarely even smile. So when I caught myself giggling more than once within the first couple of chapters at how cute Haruto was, I knew I’d love this one.

I think my favorite part about this manga is how well it captured an odd family dynamic. It starts with poor Izumi being robbed and forced out of his home to live in a run down apartment complex managed by the adorable, socially awkward, Haruto. Izumi is ~very warmly welcomed by his new neighbors and is simply adopted by them into their nosy family of misfits. (Did I mention how adorable Haruto is?) And by the end of the first book, the main characters are settled nicely into a surprisingly natural relationship.

There is a very funny secondary couple, Jin and Momo – who are the focus of the second book. School friends and an unrequited love for many years that stems from a kuudere and very grumpy tsundere. I found myself wanting to get back to Izumi and Haruto throughout this other story, (because I just wanted to ruffle Haruto’s hair), but I really did enjoy them, and, again, laughed out loud.

All in all, a very fluffy, warm-fuzzies story with a happy ending.

Rating: 🌝 A very happy full moon! ^^

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