Final Fantasy XV

Clean – (Complete, published on AO3)

Rated: T | Angst/Fluff | Post-Game AU | Canon Divergence | Published 11/2019

Reader X Ignis – 2nd person perspective

“Tears might cleanse the soul, but… please allow me to assist with the rest.”

“What?” you cocked your head to the side, thoroughly confused. It wasn’t until he was leading you into the bathroom and turning on the faucet to the large bathtub you shared that you understood his meaning. “A bath?”

“Mm.” he voiced his confirmation as he removed his gloves to better gauge the temperature. He twisted the knobs to adjust it to perfect, and then within a stride was opening the linen closet to pull out towels and terry cloths, “Choose your scent, my dear.”


You have been with Ignis for years, and after a long, particularly difficult day of helping to settle refugees in Insomnia, he lovingly attends to you.

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