Yuri on Ice

Paying for Poison – (WIP, published on AO3)

Rated: E | Angst/Dark | Omegaverse AU | Canon Divergence

Victor Nikiforov X Katsuki YuuriSwitch 3rd Person Perspective

“Skater Katsuki?” Yuuri’s eyes widened as he nodded, and suddenly Viktor Nikiforov was clutching at his coat. He barely registered that his childhood hero knew his name, he couldn’t think on that when Viktor’s voice was on the edge of breaking. Desperation lined his every movement.

“Yes th-that’s me. Um… Mr. Nikiforov… Do… do you need help?”

Viktor shook his head violently and shoved his hand into Yuuri’s pocket. Yuuri only had time to squeak before Viktor was backing away, breathing heavily. “Please… please buy me.”


Years after Viktor Nikiforov suddenly disappeared from the public eye, he resurfaces at the Rostelecom Cup, desperate for help. And Yuuri simply cannot abandon the man who inspired almost every aspect of his life, and so, he makes the decision to do just as Viktor asks – buy his services as an omega for one night.

Ridiculous Remedies – (Complete, published on AO3)

Rated: G | Fluff | Post-Canon | Canon Compliant | Published 11/2019

Victor Nikiforov X Katsuki YuuriSwitch 3rd Person Perspective

Yuuri snuck off to practice with a cold, and Viktor, of course, sent him right home. Worried for his fiancé, Viktor uses the power of the internet and his own determination to get Yuuri better – even if the remedies he uses are a bit unorthodox.

Never Let Go– (Complete, published on AO3)

Rated: E | Hurt/Comfort | Omegaverse AU | Yakuza AU | Published 8/2020

Victor Nikiforov X Katsuki YuuriSwitch 3rd Person Perspective

“Will you mate him if he decides to stay?”

“If he’ll have me,” Yuuri said softly, turning to exit the room to the veranda. He rounded the corner and put much-needed space between himself and his uncle, lest he reinjured his uncle with a deserved punch to the jaw.

“Yuuri and the omega?” Katsuya could be heard from behind, shocked.

Yuuri has pined after Viktor for years, but after nearly 10 years of being in Detroit, he returns with hopes to make things better for the neglected omega that was supposed to belong to his Uncle Katsuya.

With One Touch– (Complete, published on AO3)

Rated: E | Fluff | Omegaverse AU | Canon Divergence | Published 8/2020

Victor Nikiforov X Katsuki Yuuri 3rd Person Perspective

“Yuuri!” Phichit whined exasperatedly, “You were in a room full of skaters, and you didn’t talk to any of them? Didn’t shake anyone’s hand? That’s all it would take, you know.  Just skin-to-skin contact, and then your bodies are linked!”

“I… I pretty well kept to myself.  I met some sponsors, but they weren’t interested in the one that took last place…” Yuuri mumbled into his mug before taking a large gulp without thinking.  He gasped around a mouthful of hot tea and gulped it down before coughing, his tongue tingling from the burn and wincing as he could feel the heat travel down his esophagus and into his stomach.

Phichit only sniggered and took a sip of his own tea, “Your soulmate probably felt that.”

Or: A Soulmate AU where once soulmates touch each other somehow, they can feel what the other feels physically.

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